Sharing, enthusiasm and gastronomic plurality reward the courage of young people.

12 July 2022

The Down Town Gourmet Market opened its doors on 19 April 2017, and since that date, the Dutch city of Eindhoven has been enriched not only by a new food and wine market, but by a community of young entrepreneurs who have made ‘as good as homemade’ their mission.
The founders, Alexander Holterman, Hans Snoeijen and Rick Polman, have elaborated and conveyed their vision perfectly: to reflect the gastronomic plurality of the world in a market, open as long as possible to meet the needs of all guests, with easily accessible and informal tasting corners. The result is an eclectic and participatory sanctuary for eating and community, in a large but intimate space filled with artisanal products and seasonal specialities.
Taste and smile is the motto that has brought together many young entrepreneurs, many not yet 30 years old, who now work there with passion and tenacity. A tenacity and a passion that led them to win, last December, the Best Hospitality Award 2017, the most coveted national prize in the Horeca sector, awarded by the trade magazine Entree.
The jury wanted to reward what it described as a strong, innovative and trendy concept, which stands out not only for the uniqueness and quality of the products expertly cured, processed and cooked in the twenty corner stores, but also allows each of them to benefit from each other’s success.
Among the new award-winners is Ivo, who brought his passion for pizza to this indoor street food market with a Pavesi Joy 110 Rotating oven, strictly wood-fired. The choice could not have been more apt: the rounded, elegant lines of the oven, as well as the ad hoc colouring created using the same parameters as the logo, perfectly match the sophisticated yet informal ambience desired by the founders of the gourmet market.
It is with great pleasure and immense satisfaction that Pavesi Srl would like to congratulate Ivo, as well as Fornitalia, the historic Dutch distributor, for having wanted a Pavesi oven in a context of award-winning innovation.
For photos thanks to Down Town Gourmet Market, Eindhoven – Netherlands