Can gas ovens also run on wood?

12 July 2022

Yes, all traditional Pavesi gas ovens are manufactured with a special stainless steel protective guard that shields the burner nozzles from wood soot, so they can be used with either wood or gas. Simply place the wood on the side opposite to that on which the burner is installed. The rotating wood + gas-fired ovens are equipped with a wood burner and a gas burner with stainless steel protection, so like traditional ovens they can run on both wood and gas.
It is never necessary to use both heat sources: the gas burner guarantees perfect autonomy for heating the oven. The combination mode can also be used for purely aesthetic reasons or for power supply problems. In the event of problems with the gas supply, in fact, the oven can safely continue to run on wood, so as to avoid having to interrupt its work for reasons beyond the chef’s control. To function in this way, however, the oven must be connected to a dedicated, natural draught chimney. Under no circumstances may wood be used in the presence of an under hood installation.