Is a chimney compulsory for Pavesi ovens?

12 July 2022

Yes, it is mandatory for wood or combination wood/gas ovens to have a chimney to ensure that the fumes exit the oven. A proper draught in the oven is necessary so that soot (wood oven) and carbon dioxide (gas oven) discharges are properly disposed of. A properly functioning chimney also helps to ventilate the oven continuously, preventing problems due to poor supply. A chimney with a diameter of at least 20 cm is required for proper draught. Gas ovens are certified for installation under a hood.
As with boilers in homes, the connection of the furnace to the chimney, and in gas ovens the connections of the burner to the distribution network, must be carried out and certified by your specialised technician (plumber/thermal engineer). If the technician is present on the day of installation, our staff can carry out the first ignition of the oven and show you how the burner works.