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Joy Oven Assembling in Spain

  We share this video so that you can see the montage that the colleagues from Codama did recently at the Fokacha Restaurant. Just imagine trying the delicious pizzas that will be cooked in it! 

Pavesi Oven charms Harlem

A TG1 special, aired on Sunday 9 February, presents the real Neapolitan Pizza, cooked in a Pavesi oven in Harlem, New York. An astounding result for Forza Forni, Pavesi's historic US importer.


ENG Welcome to the smallest professional revolving oven ever, the Pavesi Joy 60 TW!

The first UL certified rotating ovens in US are Pavesi

Fast Casual Pizza Chain Makes the Most of Their Italian Rotating Oven

New Haven based RedTömado cooks up custom Neapolitan inspired pizzas for their clientele in less than 3 minutes, from order to payment. Quality ingredients, warm service and flaming hot pizza served from their 1000º Pavesi Twister rotating oven make RedTömado a leader in the fast-casual pizza market. Look 

PVP Pavesi revolving ovens

User friendly, rotation speed control, cooking plate always at the ideal temperature, Pavesi revolving ovens are recommended for those who must cook large quantities of pizzas as quickly as possible. 

Technology serving tradition

Each oven is built entirely by hand using the highest quality materials in order to ensure stability and the control of every single element.

NUOVO Forno Rotante JOY 110 TW

Drago Burner

Real time range for cooking pizzas

In Bogota, the first school for Professional Pizzaioli

Pavesi, together with  JAVAR, provided the traditional pizza oven for the first professional school in Columbia, that was first presented in Alimentec show.