Customizable dome
With the Joy oven you can customize the appearance of the shell, choosing the color that will make it unique and exclusive for your restaurant. If you can choose Joy, why settle for less?
Wood, gas or hybrid?
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The world’s first one-piece cooking surface.

The Pavesi one-piece refractory cooking surface guarantees exceptional heat storage and transfer. Say goodbye to cold spots and enjoy perfect baking.
We design and manufacture excellent professional ovens for pizzerias and bakeries in Italy, with an efficient customised consulting service for optimal installation and use. The three different power modes, wood-fired, gas-fired or combi, offer restaurateurs and pizza makers around the world the possibility to choose the solution that best suits their needs.
Customise the casing to make your oven unique.
The size of our company allows us to combine the efficiency of an industrial organisation with the accuracy of a craftsman’s approach. Each product is designed with the most efficient digital tools and manufactured entirely by hand, with meticulous attention to detail.
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Perfect cooking
The cooking surface of our ovens makes the difference as it is made of a single block of refractory material with a thickness of 7 cm and an average weight of 250 kg. Being seamless, it remains smooth and homogenous throughout the life of the oven. The perfect insulation also allows the optimal operating temperature to be kept constant, resulting in significant energy savings.
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Our panels have practical and intuitive controls with which to manage the main functions of the oven, such as adjusting the temperature or, in rotating ovens, the direction and speed of rotation. The refractory material of Pavesi ovens is extremely resistant and can withstand operating temperatures of over 1200°C.
Manufacturing in Italy means combining style and quality in a perfect synthesis of functionality and beauty. Our fibreglass domes have a sleek, streamlined design that can be customised in many colours and textures, so that they can become a real eye-catcher in pizzerias and bakeries around the world.
We guarantee the suitability of all materials used in the construction of our ovens, and of the entire refractory concrete product, from breakage due to manufacturing defects and incorrect assembly when carried out by our trained personnel. Pavesi kilns comply with CE and UL regulations.
Pavesi Forni in the World.
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