PVP 130

Rotating Gas-Fired Oven

PVP 130

Capacity: 10/12 pizzas
Power supply: Gas
Cooking surface: Rotary diameter 130cm
Vault: Flat Vault
Washable outer coating: Standard sheet metal colour Racing Red, customisable with any colour
Cooking surface thickness: 7 cm
Standard: Two-flame burner with electronic temperature control

Rotary single block cooking surface with a diameter of 130 cm. Highly reactive, FLAT-VAULT oven with square chamber, high-density refractory concrete walls to further increase heat build-up. It can go from 100° C to 300° C in 45 minutes and immediately recover the heat released during cooking.

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    • Perfect cooking The one-piece cooking surface of our ovens makes the difference. Being seamless, used with due care and according to our instructions, it remains smooth and homogenous for the entire life of the oven. The perfect insulation also allows the optimal operating temperature to be kept constant, resulting in significant energy savings.
    • Quality materials All our ovens are made from quality materials of Italian or European origin, which we carefully select and test in-house to ensure maximum durability.
    • Simplicity Pavesi ovens are easy to use. In rotating and/or gas ovens, our panels have practical and intuitive controls with which to manage the main oven functions, such as temperature control, or with rotating ovens, the direction and speed of rotation.
    • Customisations Our operational flexibility allows us to customise ovens in terms of size, functionality and style, according to the customer’s requirements. We can also take on special requests and respond with customised production for any size or application.
    • Warranty We guarantee the suitability of all materials used in the construction of our ovens, and of the entire refractory concrete product, from breakage due to manufacturing defects and incorrect assembly when carried out by our specialised personnel.
    • Certifications Pavesi ovens comply with CE and UL regulations. Every single production process has been tested in order to improve its effectiveness and efficiency before and after assembly, so as to be certain of the highest product quality.


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