In 2020, the hyper-personalization of the service has been rewarded 

15 July 2022

We are at a historic threshold: worldwide, healthy food purchasing has surpassed frozen foods by younger generations, who seem to be embracing increasingly healthy lifestyles. Far from being a passing fad, the focus on the planet rewards those professionals who equip themselves to meet the new values, which range from sustainability to competence, passing through a new quality of home service, with special attention to recyclable packaging.In the reopening phase, there will be a more intimate Away From Home, made up of individual or small group consumption, where well-known, organic- and health-conscious establishments will be chosen.

With this in mind, PizzArt Canalejas, which opened in the historic center of Madrid, has emphasized how sustainability does not end with reusing materials such as marble and wood, but can mean recycling an entire venue, “saving” the main materials and structures and redesigning key elements so as to transform it, without sacrificing the aesthetic expression of the environments and the pleasure of experiencing them.

Starting with zero-impact layouts, furnishings and structures, through sourcing raw materials that prioritize local products and healthy, organic food, PizzArt Canalejas was awarded Tripadvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Award 2020 for making the most of its ethical choices.

Codama, Pavesi’s historic distributor for Spain, was responsible for the supply, installation and after-sales service of the Joy Pavesi wood-fired oven, colored specifically for PizzArt, proving once again that the days when sustainable meant spartan, sad and deprived are long gone: today, sustainability is the priority, and those who have embraced it and are actively working to apply it to their receptivity, services and products are being recognized and chosen by consumers.