In Paris, pizza c’est la vie

12 July 2022

If you’re in Paris and you get a sudden craving for Pizza Napoletana, you have two options: take the plane and fly to Naples, or go to one of the Tripletta restaurants scattered around the streets of the centre.
Marion a Découvert, a famous French culinary blogger, says of Tripletta Gaité, located in the lively Montparnasse district: ‘Pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven, 100% Italian ingredients, small sunlit terrace, friendly, attentive staff. You can’t not go in!”
Tripletta is one of the best pizzerias in Paris also according to Laëtitia Langlet, another Parisian blogger, who was impressed by the ‘cool’ ambience, furnished with formica tables and bric a brac objects, terracotta hexagonal floors, plants and decorative lights that give the whole place an informal and cosy feel.
In the charming district of Menilmontant, on the eastern edge of Paris where Edith Piaf was born and where Daniel Pennac set many of his novels, Tripletta Belville was opened in June 2016, a name probably inspired by the 2003 animated film Les Triplets de Belville.
The whole area is an exciting mix of people from all corners of the world, and is frequented
by artists, students, immigrants and Parisian families, who can enjoy an authentic Neapolitan pizza every day of the week at Boulevard de Belville 88.
The menu is divided into white pizzas, classic pizzas and calzoni, with all ingredients labelled PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), fresh and plentiful, one of the reasons why it is so popular on social media.
But Tripletta’s story does not stop in Paris: with the Chez Justine restaurant, the Neapolitan pizza, rigorously baked in the JOY wood-fired oven of Pavesi in Modena, is now a delicacy also served to the inhabitants of Bordeaux.
Part of the credit for this successful series of establishments, which make Made in Italy a guarantee of quality, must certainly go to Mr. Thierry Cransac and his team at Pizza Store Distribution France, who with professionalism and care orchestrated the delivery, assembly and commissioning of the Joy Pavesi Modena professional ovens, even in the narrowest streets of central Paris.
For photos thanks to Tripletta Belleville Paris – France