In Lindesnes a taste of Norwegian coastlife, seasoned with Italian style

12 July 2022

Lindesnes is home to Norway’s southernmost lighthouse, and since 2010, the small, colourful chalets that dot its shores have been populated by salmon fishermen, birdwatchers and kayakers, but also, and why not, experienced pizza makers. Just follow the scent of basil and tomato to find, at the end of a small white gravel road, the small seafront paradise of Mona and Rune.

The couple lives in Mandal, a small town a short distance away. The location is therefore perfect for getting straight to work after a weekend spent relaxing, but the most important reasons why Mona and Rune chose this small rocky cove are the light and the scenery. Sea and sky. Looking through the large windows, it is easy to imagine being part of the changing light and rough nature of this place.
“When the winter storms rage, it is fascinating to be in the middle of the strong wind, and to admire the tumult of the sea from your warm shelter,” says Mona.
Norway’s vigorous nature and changing seasons have always been conducive to families and friends spending time together, and it is from the need to create moments of pleasant intimacy that the Norwegian cult for all things ‘kos’ was born.
“Kos” is the typical Norwegian luxury of simplicity, when small joys make one feel good. ‘Kos’ goes far beyond the American ‘perfect moment’, or the ‘quality time’ of a stressed society. It is the Norwegian version of cosiness, a state of mind that the Danes call hygge, it is that feeling of instant happiness you get when you feel safe, warm and in good company. There is even an accompanying interior design trend called cosy living, a style that is eclectic, relaxed, simple and more colourful than traditional Nordic minimalism, which Mona and Rune have fully embraced.
“We are both passionate about cooking, and we wanted to dedicate an important part of our chalet to pizza, to be cooked and shared with guests around a long table,” explains Rune.
“Kos” also has to do with genuine food, usually made with one’s own hands, and served to guests in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. And it is precisely to help Mona and Rune realise this project of theirs that the Pizza Angels stepped in: Bjørn, Tore, Dino and Mats, who have combined their experience and expertise in cooking, photography, art and design to make all their knowledge available to pizza connoisseurs like Mona and Rune. From the perfect type of oven for their chalet, to a real pizza-making, topping and cooking course, the Pizza Angles turned Mona and Rune’s dream into reality.
The focal point of the dining room, the wood-burning Joy 90 from Pavesi Forni Modena has been custom-coloured to fit in with the concrete walls left in their unfinished state and the furnishing elements carefully selected by the owners; the result is a feast for the eyes and the palate.
For the photos we thank HytteBjelland – HytteMagasin.