Pizza doesn’t stop (also) thanks to take-away and delivery

12 July 2022

The global market demands innovative take-away and delivery solutions, an aspect that will continue to support restaurant industry also in presence.

Forward slowly, but forward. The signals coming from the restaurant industry speak for themselves: professional hospitality is taking its first steps towards a renewed Normality, marked by the boom of phenomena such as Grab and Go and Delivery food. So much so that in many cases, thanks in part to the packed summer resorts, for some restaurants the 2019 levels have already been fully recovered.
A brilliant recovery that bodes well for the future. But what are the trends in catering? Before the pandemic they were already growing, but by 2020 the take-away and delivery segment is booming and Pavesi is working hard to provide the best solutions in the pizza market.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, all restaurants and hotels that could renovate their kitchens did so, an approach that continues even now. Many innovated by becoming professionally active on social media, offering delivery and takeaways that ensured a constant level of occupancy and, once reopened, an additional revenue stream.
Thanks to its strong network of authorised distribution partners throughout Europe, Great Britain and the United States, Pavesi was able to make its procurement processes timely and efficient, because even in the midst of the pandemic, the demand for pizza ovens made in Modena has not waned at all, on the contrary. Despite steadily rising production costs and delays in international shipments, Brexit, and the pervasive effects of the pandemic, Pavesi’s exports to foreign markets increased this year. In a period of great change and uncertainty, Pavesi’s technicians have drawn on their best knowledge and professionalism, aware that times of crisis bring out the most skilful interpreters of change. They are making and will make products of the highest quality with a clear objective: to share Pavesi’s skills and experience with those at the helm of companies during this global emergency, with products that can be useful for a resilient, rapid and effective response.

In the photos Joy 130 TW combi rotating oven – thanks to De Pasta Club Oud-Beijerland, Netherlands