The pizzeria of the future? Sustainable, technological and transformative

12 July 2022

Cooking more pizzas in less space is now possible thanks to the three new gas-only rotating single block models that Pavesi Forni Modena is presenting to mark its 50th anniversary, adding to the best-selling JOY line.
Pavesi Forni Modena was founded in 1969 in Formigine di Modena on the initiative of its current owner, Aldo Pavesi, who is now supported by his children Alessandro and Elena. For its 50th anniversary, therefore, the ‘Made in Modena’ artisan business offers ovens that are larger and more aesthetic thanks to the frontal fire, compared to the wood or combi alternative, and that have many other advantages.
Considerable ease of use thanks to the rotating plate, improved hygiene (no soot) and reduced consumption due to electronic temperature control are just a few of these, plus the possibility for pizza makers to concentrate entirely on product yield, without having to worry about the state of the pizzas being cooked.
In the photos, the Joy 110 TW Gas Front oven (always customisable according to the premises it is intended for), with glossy black painted dome on a smooth background, installed under the hood.

For the photos we thank Winther Artisan Restaurant Oslo NORWAY and our long-standing business partner Pizza Angels.