Memoria restaurant, Lisbon, among the 20 best restaurants of 2020

12 July 2022

In a list travelling through the cuisines of the world, CNN Travel points indirection of Campo de Ourique

From the London Treehouse’s Madera , to the Bellagio Supper Club in Las Vegas; from the Cheval Blanc, 3 Michelin-starred Arnaud Donckele in Paris, to the other 3-star Mauro Colagreco in Bangkok or Heston Blumenthal’s Cena in Dubai, there is room for a stop in Lisbon. All thanks to Memoria.
The letters of the name of this Italian restaurant, which recently opened in Lisbon’s Campo de Ourique district, appear slightly blurred, because memory is like that, not always sharp. Memoria – the most recent project of the Non Basta group, which has two other locations, one in Alvalade and the other in Elias Garcia – aims to save flavours that we preserve in places that are sometimes, perhaps only temporarily, forgotten.
The red door of Memoria opens onto a deliberately dim environment, with handwritten menus and dishes prepared according to the seasonality of the ingredients, almost all of which come from the garden that the group cultivates in the nearby town of Mafra. Among the curated selection of traditional recipes on offer, there is a wide range of pizzas, including the Memória pizza, topped with spicy and delicious ‘nduja, baked in a Joy Pavesi wood-fired oven. The choice could not have been more apt: the rounded, elegant lines of the oven, as well as the ad hoc colouring blend perfectly with the refined but informal ambience desired by the owners.
It is with great satisfaction that Pavesi Srl would like to congratulate ClimaPortugal, a historic Portuguese distributor, for handling the sale, installation and servicing of a Pavesi oven in a context of award-winning excellence and, certainly, a source of inspiration for many.
For the photos we thank the Memoria restaurant, Lisbon – Portugal.